"VERY VERY IMPRESSIVE. This is an ingenious solution to what can be, potentially, a tragic accident. I trust that you do not mind if I send the link and your contact info to my other customers in your industry and our other consultants for distribution."  

-Bert Mayo: Vice President, Risk Control Services, Lockton Companies​

"Like all great inventions, simple and practical and what a great addition to the safety and well-being of the passengers. Site, like the product is well designed - really does the job demonstrating it's value."

-Len Cahill: Training Coordinator, Community Transportation Association www.ctaa.org

"Thanks to the two of you, people in Colorado will travel much more safely." 

-Angie Ham: C.A.S.T.A www.coloradotransit.com

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) endorses our product and intends to have the belt added to their specifications for light duty body on chassis vehicles by early 2011.     

"LIFT RESTRAINT BELTS - Manufacturers such as Braun and Ricon offer a wide selection of commercial lifts designed for use in a variety of settings. Some of these lifts have a restraint belt (such as the Ricon S-Series at left) while others (such as the Braun Millennium) do not. Those that don't can be retrofitted using the Access-AriZe Belt, a new product developed to improve safety on such lifts."                   


“Thank you very much for your email and the information it contained in reference to the innovative approach in regard to passenger lift safety. You are certainly correct that the problem of a passenger's weight shifting forward while seated in a wheelchair on a lift has the potential to cause injury due to the passenger and wheelchair falling forward off the lift.  We appreciate hearing about your creative approach to transit passenger safety.”

 -FTA's Bus Program Team    

“I have reviewed your material and the video. The belt appears to be a very simple, cost effective tool to increase the safety of those passengers using the lifts. I would like to see the transit industry begin using these on a routine basis.” 

-Kary Kiner:  Oklahoma State University Center for Local Government Technology

“National RTAP is reviewing your video and is interested in CDOT's implementation of your product in its upcoming regulations. We will be sure to stay up to date on CDOT's requirements, especially now that we know that your product is being considered for standardization.”

-Andrew Coyle: National RTAP