Some previous accidents that our products are designed to help prevent.

Passenger departing bus rolled out to lift after operator de-boarded first passenger before lift was back up, causing passenger to flip out of bus onto lift, resulting in neck and back injury. 

Passenger was backing off of lift into bus when wheelchair tipped over backwards causing passenger to hit his head! Several incidents. 

Passenger with walker cut his head on lift door while entering bus from lift. 

Passenger leaned forward in wheelchair causing weight to shift to front wheels of wheelchair. Passenger then rolled forward, hit lift barrier and flipped onto the pavement resulting in head, neck and back injuries. (Brakes on chair were set) 

Passenger in electric wheelchair boarded lift facing forward. When getting ready to enter bus, passenger hit reverse and flipped off lift backwards hitting pavement. Head, neck and shoulder injuries resulted. 

Passenger was de-boarding a bus driving an electric wheelchair. The passenger came out onto the lift way too fast and hit the barrier. The passenger went over, hitting the pavement. Head, neck, shoulder and back injuries resulted.

Ambulatory passenger walked out of lift door while lift was lowered boarding passenger, passenger fell onto wheelchair passenger resulting in severe injuries. 

Passenger fell off lift, hitting the concrete. 

Passenger went to turn off electric wheelchair while on the lift and inadvertently hit forward, launching her off the lift, resulting in severe injuries. 

Passenger tipped over backwards while de-boarding lift onto bus resulting in head and back injuries. 

Passenger fell from lift and was taken to the hospital. 

Passenger in manual wheelchair facing forward while boarding released his brakes and flipped off lift backwards. 

Passenger was de-boarding bus when lift jerked and safety barrier opened, causing wheelchair to come off the lift and hitting the ground face first. Head and back injuries resulted. 

Passenger fell off lift while de-boarding in motorized wheelchair. 

Scooter rolled backwards off of the lift. 

Ambulatory passenger lost balance and started to fall when belt caught him and kept him from falling off the lift.

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