The Regional Transportation District (RTD) in Denver, Colorado has purchased and equipped all of their coach on chassis para-transit vehicles with the Access-AriZe lift restraint belts. They have gone as far as to put a policy in place that states, "If the vehicles are not equipped with the Access-AriZe belts, that vehicle is out of service."

Following are some testimonials from some drivers their passengers and Transit professionals:

From Mike at the Transfor Corporation:

"The Access-AriZe Lift Restraint Belt is without a doubt a top contender in products we most often emphasize and recommend to our customers. In my opinion, it is the single most effective product available in addressing the operational liability associated in commercial passenger lift operation. Our customer feedback for the Access-AriZe Lift Safety Belt has been expressed at 100% satisfaction."

From Mark at Advanced Wheels:

"As a dealer we take a lot of pride in providing products that are reliable and user-friendly to our clients. Access-AriZe lift belts are a perfect example of such a product. The belts are industry leading, easy to install and made from stronger materials then others on the market, and most importantly user- friendly."

From a Safety Manager of a mid-sized transit agency:

"I am the Safety Manager for Via Mobility Services, a well-known nonprofit organization in Boulder, Colorado. While speaking at a para-transit drivers’ meeting, a driver informed me that the retractable safety belt that was on our bus' wheelchair lifts posed serious concerns for passenger safety. 

The issue was that the retractable safety belt did not lock into place after the belt was buckled. He said the belts are very loose. I tested the belt by boarding the lift and fastening the belt. I leaned against the belt and began to walk toward the end on the lift. Upon reaching the very edge of the lift the retractor finally ran out of belt and I came to a stop.

It worried me to think that a standee could get that close to the edge of the lift. Since Via is in the business of providing the safest transportation possible to our passengers, I determined the belt to be unsafe for our purposes. What we needed was a belt that locked in place and would not only keep passengers using wheelchairs and scooters on the lift, but would also help prevent standee passengers from falling off the lift.

I knew of the Access-AriZe belts, as they had already been installed on some of our vehicles. And I know of several incidents in which these belts were proven to have helped prevent serious injury. The Access-AriZe safety belts serve a dual purpose of providing safety for the passengers who use mobility devices, as well as safety for standees using the lift. My confidence in the belt led me to purchase the belt for every vehicle in that division.

I highly recommend the Access-AriZe Safety Belts to any transportation company, no matter how small or large the company.

Think Safety 1st."

Jeff Carlson

Safety Manager  

Corky Ransom says:

"The belts are fabulous in holding wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and scooters from moving on the lift platform. The straps are also very effective with standees giving them a more secure feeling and holding them from leaning or from falling backward on the lift." 

And a quote from one of Corky's passengers. "The strap makes me feel more secure and safe because it gives support to my back and legs."

Maggie Burrall told us:

"I began using it immediately and definitely felt that it generally enhanced our safety procedures." One of Maggie's passengers told her: "I like it! I like it! I can feel it supporting me as I ride up on the lift."

The following excerpts are from a taped interview with Mrs. Watson, wife of Harvey Watson, an access-a-Ride passenger who uses an electric wheelchair, regarding the incident involving the safety strap that occurred when driver Maggie Burrall was de-boarding Mr. Watson. "He almost came off, had it not been for the strap he would've came off. The strap was really there for him."

Maggie also said that she believed "Mr. Watson was saved from very serious injury that day by the belt."

Carl Bishoff  said:

"The new safety straps that have been installed on our buses, on the lift, and are very definitely a great safety device.  They are sturdy and very easy to use with passengers."